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Health area

Projects aimed at improving the quality of life of populations and promoting disease prevention. Projects of all types, including the purchase of medical supplies, furnishings and equipment such as appliances, medicines, laboratories, etc., we offer health training, prevention measures and improved care under our slogan C-C-C Behavior Change Communication.

Water & Sanitation

We undertake projects to improve sanitation and access to drinking water for vulnerable populations by installing water collection and conveyance systems, such as wells, pumps and reservoirs. We also build sanitary infrastructures, such as latrines and hand-washing stations. Awareness-raising and training activities are also supported in the context of this sector in developing countries.


We set up projects to pass on knowledge, particularly to young girls and boys and in schools. Examples of projects include training for teachers, students and parents, and the purchase of computer equipment to develop the capacity and intelligence of these young people to innovate. We also renovate educational establishments to provide a healthy environment.

for young people

We offer face-to-face training with an entrepreneurial component for young people wishing to start up an income-generating activity, a pastoral activity, agriculture and fish farming.

our team

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perez DJOMOU, mba

The DND FOUNDATION's top priority is to take effective action in the most deprived areas. We believe that urgent action is needed to tackle the problems that threaten our world and our environment.
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