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The DND Foundation, created in 2022, provides humanitarian aid and assistance to families in need or lacking financial resources, in order to alleviate their suffering, preserve human dignity, support families left to their own devices and whose financial stability has been affected by natural disasters and life's vicissitudes, as well as disadvantaged people living in rural areas of developing countries. We support them through fund-raising, charity campaigns and donations, and we ensure the redistribution of the various donations and foodstuffs to the recipients. We organize vaccination and awareness-raising campaigns aimed at parents, to encourage them to send their children, girls and boys, to school and to look after their well-being.


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We operate in 5 developing countries in West, East and Central Africa: Cameroon, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Somalia.Each vulnerable population living in these countries in rural areas suffers from various problems that fall within our fields of action.


We support vulnerable and marginalized people in developing countries by listening to their needs and contributing to their emotional and physical well-being. We act with kindness to eradicate the causes of poverty.

We treat everyone fairly in a context where inequality and exclusion of vulnerable or marginalized populations persist in many countries. We work to establish equality between women and men, fight discrimination and oppression, and promote justice.

We know that the value and dignity of each individual is inherent. That's why the diversity of our team and its intercultural sensitivity enable us to draw on our long-standing expertise in the search for appropriate solutions.

With our interconnectedness and interdependence with others, we are close to the most vulnerable, and we emphasize mutual aid, cooperation and sharing.

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